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INFORMATION Strength Calculation / Thermal Rating



  Various strength calculations such as Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Reactors, Storage tanks, Tower, and FRP
materials, which are devices of chemical plants, are carried out.

We will completely fill out the program by applying CODE (ASME, JIS, KS, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy Notice,
KGS AC111, etc.).

The programs used can be calculated with our production programs, MECAL V2.0, COMPRESS, PV ELITE, CEASER II, etc.,
and if they cannot be calculated with other existing programs, we will program them directly to satisfy the strength
calculation in any case.



  The thermal rating program used for thermal efficiency and heat exchanger size selection can use HTRI to make a more
efficient size selection. After Thermal Rating, strength calculation, Engineering drawing, and detail drawing can be
carried out to help smooth manufacturing.

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