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INFORMATION Engineering Drawing



  Based on the basic design, we create specific drawings, calculate quantity,
prepare construction costs, and establish a process plan.
The drawings and construction cost details prepared during the implementation plan will be the basis for construction
bidding, and the construction will be carried out according to these drawings.
( For your information, you can think of Basic as a pre-stage of engineering drawing. "Basic" is a basic drawing that is created to accurately convey the contents of the design plan to the client.)

We will quickly and accurately prepare basic drawings according to the user's
requirements for all kinds of devices and process drawings.
Considering the mechanical properties of all processes and devices, we design them optimally in terms of functionality, stability and economics.

* Applicable code: : ASME SEC.VIII DIV.1,2,, KS B6750, JIS B 8265, GB T/713, DIN, NOTICE OF MOTIE, KGS AC111, API620, API650, Classification code

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