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FIELD Classification by shape of Pressure Vessel


Vessels that holds a gas or liquid at a pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure inside

Classification by shape of pressure vessel

DRUM It is the most common type and consists of a body and upper and lower end plates. It is a Vertical or Horizontal
type device used for storage, separation, transfer, and mixing of fluids required for chemical processes.
HEAT EXCHANGER 1.Two fluids of different temperatures flow between the solid walls and exchange thermal energy between them.
2.Type of heat exchanger: Depending on the heat exchange method, there are cooler, heaters, condenser,
evaporators, etc.
Depending on the type of Heat exchanger, there are shell & tube type, double pipe, block type, plate type, spiral type, etc.
REACTOR 1. It is a generic term for a vessel that performs a chemical reaction within a vessel.
There are various things such as heat transfer and stirring to increase reaction efficiency.
Depending on the reaction conditions, the temperature can be adjusted with jacket and inner coil, leakage can
be prevented with Mechanical seal and Gland packing, and the reaction effect can be added by selecting an
impeller (Paddle, Turbine, Anchor type), and the use can be diversified by adjusting the transmission R.P.M.
2. The type of response :
Batch type, Tubular type, Jacket type, etc., depending on column or tower type and shape.
STORAGE TANK 1. It is a large vessel that stores gas or liquid such as raw materials, intermediate products, products, or auxiliary facilities supplied or produced before and after the device.
2. type of storage tank :
There are Storage Tank and Ball Tank that store raw materials.
*SILO - a storage facility that stores powder types according to the amount of production.
TOWER Distillation column separating high and low boiling point components using the difference in vapor pressure of
each component in a liquid mixture, There are charging towers with built-in fillings and tray towers with tray.
Depending on the distillation method, distillation towers also include Atmospheric tower,
Vacuum tower, Stripper, Adsorption tower and Absorption tower.
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