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FIELD Classification by function of pressure vessel


Vessels that holds a gas or liquid at a pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure inside

Classification by function of pressure vessel

Heating or cooling action
AUTOCLAVE Heat-resistant, pressure-resistant vessels for chemical treatment such as synthesis, decomposition, sublimation, and extraction under high temperature and high pressure.
HEAT EXCHANGER A vessel for heating or cooling water, oil, process fluid, etc.
STEAM COOKER A vessel that heats raw materials for paper-making, food-making, etc., or cooks together with chemical liquids.
STERILIZER To sterilize food, medicine, medical equipment, etc. by boiling or steam with vessel used to sterilize and disinfect.
DRUM Vessels for removing impurities contained in fibers, etc
DYEING MACHINE Vessels in which fibers and dyeing solution are placed in a vessel and dyed while being heated by steam.
VALCANIZER Vessels that heats and improves the material by adding sulfur to rubber, etc.

Reaction and evaporation
REACTOR Vessels in which steam is generated by a chemical reaction, an atomic nuclear reaction, etc.
RETORT Vessels that evaporates, separates, and condenses components in a multi-component liquid.
EVAPORATOR Vessels for evaporating and separating liquid components.
EXTRACTOR Vessels for evaporating and separating the target ingredients by adding a solvent to the mixed solution.

Retaining hot fluids
STEAM ACCUMULATOR Vessels that accumulate steam from a boiler and release it as needed.
FLASH TANK Vessels for heat recovery of boiler water, etc.
DEAERATOR Vessels for removing dissolved gas contained in boiler water supply, etc.
LIQUEFIED GAS STORAGE TANK Vessels for storing liquefied gas (LPG, etc.)
HOT WATER HEADER Vessels for receiving hot water that exceeds the boiling point and distributing it to each required location.

Other pressure vessel
AIR RESERVOIR Compressed air storage tanks, such as MAIN, AUX EM'CY, etc., as devices mounted on the ship.
AIR HEADER Vessels that distribute and supplie AIR as a facility such as a dust collector.
COMPRESSOR Air compressor
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